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Is something out of balance in your life?

Do you often feel sad, tired, overwhelmed, helpless, anxious, desperate, nervous, hopeless?

Are you tormented by panic attacks or insomnia?

Do you have physical symptoms such as migraines, digestive disorders, allergies, circulatory disorders or backache – for example?

Do you often get into disputes and quarrels?

Perhaps you sometimes have no idea how to go on?

At Vitarium you will discover the root causes. We will support you on your journey to a better quality of life, better health, more clarity, equanimity, joy and fulfilment.

We have your well-being at heart

At Vitarium you will find everything that you need for your development and for getting well. Primarily, that means individual therapy and coaching support with a holistic approach, which takes effect on a spiritual, mental and physical level.

The soothing effect of the natural, wireless-free environment and the attentive atmosphere, to which every member of our team makes a personal contribution, unfolds in the comfort and security of the refurbished Black Forest house.

We are united by the desire to support you on your journey with warmth, clarity, cordiality and joy.

Please see the next pages with our summary of who and what awaits you at Vitarium. Do you have any further questions? It will be our pleasure to provide additional information free of charge by telephone. Give us a call or simply use our contact form.

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Bärbel und Sebastian Rockstroh

Bärbel Rockstroh & Sebastian Rockstroh

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