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What brings you here?

Whether it is an acute problem, a seemingly hopeless situation or persistent afflictions: The 360° Coaching and the Holistic Therapy at Vitarium will provide you with support if your quality of life has suffered and you wish to change the situation. We will go through your very own personal issues with you, including

Anxieties, phobias and panic attacks
Life crises
Obsessive-compulsive disorders
Addiction and dependency
Trauma sequelae
Transgenerational traumatisation
Physical afflictions
High sensitivity
Couple-related issues
Children and families



A love relationship can provide warmth, closeness and security. At the same time, it can hurt us deeply, plunging us into insecurity and despair. In that case sentiments will be something like this:

  • All we do is argue.
  • Where have the butterflies in my stomach gone?
  • We hardly ever have sex – and if we do it feels like performing a duty.
  • We work well as a team but no longer as lovers.
  • My husband / my wife gets on my nerves!
  • Would I say Yes again at the registry office today?
  • He / she never listens to me.
  • I never got over the breach of trust.
  • We have a good time together on holiday, but everything is difficult in everyday life.
  • I'm not saying anything anymore, there is no point anyway.
  • She / he is not interested in what I want.
  • Should we really continue to torment one another, or would it be better for us to separate?

At Vitarium you will discover the root causes. We, as a couple, accompany you as a couple on your way out of despair and hopelessness to truthful encounters, connective communication, unburdening clarity and the ability to act in everyday life.

Kinder und Familien

Children and families

Children somehow have to cope with tensions in the family system. They express them through ADHD, aggression, sleep disorders, lack of concentration, self-harm, dyslexia, dyscalculia, learning blocks, exam anxiety, perceptual disorders, urinary and faecal incontinence, being underweight or overweight, and so on. The causes behind these symptoms prevent your children from discovering their full potential and successfully using it.

As a symptom bearer, the child makes something visible that is in a sorry state elsewhere. When the adults face these issues, not only the child but the whole family is relieved of its burden.

At Vitarium we accompany you and your child on the path from frustration, anger, fear, sadness and despair to family harmony.

Your personal issues

Angst hat viele Gesichter

Anxieties, phobias and panic attacks: Fear has many faces

Agoraphobia, fear of heights, arachnophobia, fear of flying, claustrophobia, exam anxiety, existential fear, social phobia. Fear of illness, darkness, crowds of people, of being alone. Fear of losing one's job, one's fortune or a loved one.

Whether it is a slight unease, a phobia or a full-blown panic attack:  Each form of anxiety drains vital energy.

At Vitarium you will discover the root causes. We will accompany you on your journey from anxiety into a free life.

Lebenskrisen - wenn nichts mehr geht

Life crises: When nothing works anymore

Everyone can get into situations for which life has not provided a user manual. This may be related to relationships, marriage and family (e.g., separation, divorce, bereavement), work (e.g., loss of employment, mobbing, burn-out, boreout, career setback, returning to work after having a family), sport (e.g., drop in performance, injuries), or transitional phases (e.g., puberty, menopause, midlife crisis, coming out).

At Vitarium you will learn what chances for change and reorientation lie behind these situations. We will accompany you on your journey out of the crisis to a fulfilled life.


Depression: If the world is getting darker and darker

Depression usually manifests itself through a deep despondency. People affected lose interest in contact with others, in their job, hobbies and everything which they enjoyed prior to the onset of depression. Attempts by people close to them to cheer them up are fruitless because due to the constant fatigue and lack of motivation any activity seems like a huge effort, even getting up in the morning.

There is also a second, less known variant: agitated depression. Anyone suffering from it appears to be “electrically charged”, feels restless and driven, cannot sit still because the inner turmoil triggers a strong urge to move.

Both forms of depression are frequently accompanied by symptoms such as self-doubt / self-reproach, feelings of guilt, sleep disorders, states of anxiety, increased alcohol and tobacco consumption, concentration disorders, loss of libido, increased irritability and aggression.

Physical problems such as backache, cardiovascular problems, digestive disorders, migraine, nausea, food cravings or a lack of appetite often go hand in hand with depression as well.

Those affected may say something like this, for example:

  • Everything is exhausting.
  • I can’t get anything done anymore.
  • NNobody can possibly like me the way I am.
  • I just can't pull myself together.
  • It’s all pointless anyway.
  • My family suffers because of me.
  • I feel like I am burnt out / like in the middle of a burnout.
  • There is no light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Life is no longer fun.
  • I can’t concentrate at all anymore.
  • My children just get on my nerves.
  • I often lie awake half the night. In the morning I can't get out of bed.
  • I just don’t feel anything anymore.

Depression is not a sign of weakness. It is rather an indication that you are under far too much strain, that you have been holding out for a long time and are doing much more than is good for your health.

At Vitarium you will discover the root causes. We will accompany you on your way out of the tunnel to quality of life and confidence.


Conflicts: Omnipresent where people interact

Whether in a relationship, marriage and family, at the workplace, in the club, in a circle of friends or in the neighbourhood: Where people meet, different expectations, feelings, desires and goals come into play. Disputes arise – ranging from a discussion to a full-blown argument and a permanent relationship crisis. Once the fronts are hardened, it usually seems impossible to get out.

At Vitarium you will discover the root causes. We will support you on your journey to a fair balance of interests, clear agreements and living in harmony.


Obsessive-compulsive disorders: “I cannot help it.”

Regularly checking whether doors are locked, electrical appliances are switched off, work is carried out correctly, excessive washing of hands, excessive showering or cleaning and strictly ritualised procedures are very stressful for the people afflicted and are often accompanied by a deep sense of shame. In addition, it is rarely possible to obtain professional help because the therapeutic world regards obsessive-compulsive behaviour as very difficult if not impossible to cure.  

Our own experience is different. Those who recognise the meaning behind the ritual can reach its purpose by other means and thereby attain healing.

At Vitarium we will accompany you on your journey out of compulsion to a self-determined life.

Sucht und Abhängigkeit

Addiction and dependency: Caught in a vicious circle

Addiction and dependency manifest themselves in a variety of ways, and the objects of the craving can be very different. For example

Nicotine, alcohol, medication, THC / marijuana, amphetamines / speed, cocaine, MDMA / ecstasy, etc.

Addiction to sex / pornography, buying sprees, addiction to work, compulsive gambling, addiction to exercising, online addiction, etc.

Changes to one's own body:
Tattoos, piercings, wrinkle treatments / Botox, liposuction, implants, etc.

Eating disorders:
Anorexia, bulimia, obesity, binge eating, etc.

Co-dependency, helper syndrome, rescuer complex, remaining in toxic relationships, etc.

At Vitarium you will discover the root causes. We understand your addiction as the search for something such as relaxation, recognition, escape, distraction, belonging, security. If you start to see your addiction not as the cause of your problems but as a consequence of your experiences, we can work together to find out what you are actually looking for and how you can satisfy these needs in other ways. We will accompany you on your journey out of dependency to the capacity to build a self-determined, free life.

Traumafolgen überwinden

The consequences of trauma: Overcoming emotional wounds

Physical, mental and sexualised experiences of violence, emotional or physical neglect, the loss of loved ones, war and fleeing, natural disasters, life-threatening illnesses, severe accidents, near-death experiences during medical procedures and much more can lead to traumatisation.

These one-off extreme situations and persistent severe stresses usually tear deep wounds in the psyche, the consequences of which often only become apparent many years later – in one's own life or that of one’s children or grandchildren. This may manifest itself in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder with flashbacks, or as anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, inability to bond or in physical symptoms.

At Vitarium you will receive the support you need to trust in life once again. We will accompany you on your journey out of pain to a self-designed future.

Transgenerativ weitergegebene Traumatisierungen

Transgenerational trauma: The long shadows of the ancestors – old wounds which hurt today

A trauma that has not been healed repeats itself – in one's own life or that of one’s descendants. Because we do not only inherit external characteristics such as skin and eye colour. Parents also pass on to their children the psychological injuries they were unable to overcome themselves.

For those affected, this can manifest itself in many ways: Fear, anger and sadness for which there seems to be no reason, physical symptoms without a diagnosable illness, compulsive behaviour or the feeling of not belonging and somehow not being right.

At Vitarium you will discover the root causes. We will accompany you on your journey out of pain to a self-determined, free life.

Körperliche Beschwerden

Physical afflictions: When the soul is crying and the mouth is silent, the body will speak

We are not medical doctors, but we know very well how psychological problems can manifest themselves physically:

  • Sleep disorders,
  • Pain (e.g., headaches leading up to migraine, backache, joint problems, fibromyalgia),
  • Autoimmune diseases (e.g., Hashimoto's thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis, coeliac disease),
  • Allergies and intolerances (e.g., foodstuffs, animal hair, cosmetic products, pollen),
  • Skin problems (rashes, neurodermatitis, acne),
  • Tinnitus,
  • Metabolic disorders,
  • Frequent accidents and injuries.

At Vitarium you will discover the root causes. We will accompany you on your journey to a healthier, fulfilled life.


High sensitivity: Living with open perceptual filters

Those who are highly sensitive see, hear, feel, taste and smell more intensively than others and often clearly pick up the moods and atmospheres around them as well. To put it simply: The perception filters of highly sensitive people are wide open and the stimuli pelt the nervous system unhindered. In addition to hyperexcitability, strong emotionality and overload, this can lead to physical symptoms such as allergies and intolerances.

When hypersensitivity is diagnosed, it usually seems like a label that the person affected apparently has to live with. We see it differently. In 360° Coaching and Holistic Therapy the key question is: Should it stay like that? In our experience that is not the case.

High sensitivity is often the result of unprocessed traumas. Those who work through the cause will be able to regulate their perception filters appropriately in the future.

At Vitarium you will discover the root causes of your hypersensitivity. We will accompany you on your journey to calmness and equanimity.