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What could backaches have to do with childhood, panic attacks with the Second World War, or depression with nutrition?

In our understanding the human being consists of 5 dimensions: The physical level (= body), the mental (= thoughts), the emotional (= feelings), the energetic (= meridians, chakras, aura) and the spiritual (= belief patterns).

None of these areas can be considered separately from the others. They influence each other, are in a reciprocal relationship with the human environment and therefore are together more than the sum of their individual parts.

You are healthy when you are doing well in each of the levels described above, when the 5 dimensions are working together in a balanced way, and you are living in harmony with your environment. If this is not the case, health problems develop. They can manifest themselves directly on the level where the imbalance has occurred, but also in one or more of the other dimensions. They often show up with a time lag, sometimes only years after a stressful experience. The fundamental task of the 360° Coaching and the Holistic Therapy at Vitarium is first of all to identify the links and to find out on which levels the actual problem lies.

For you personally

Bärbel Rockstroh ist persönlich für Sie da

In 360° Coaching and Holistic therapy, finding the cause of a problem is only the first step on the way to the solution. Thereafter it is a matter of setting a process for change in motion with the appropriate methods. In our experience there is NO SINGLE METHOD panacea.

Every person is unique, and every pattern of symptoms is complex. Therefore we rely on a comprehensive mix of methods which includes elements from these areas: Hypnotherapy, EMDR, neural retraining, body-focused psychotherapy, systemic coaching (family constellations, for example), inner bonding (connecting with the inner child), body consciousness therapy, energetic psychotherapy according to Dr Gallo, kinesiology, nature therapy, shamanic rituals, meditation, relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercises, and also bodywork like detoxification, nutritional counselling, Kneippism and massages. This wealth of methods enables us to reach each of the five dimensions and support them in restoring balance.

You receive an individual coaching or therapy plan which fits in with your health issues, your personality, your goals and your current life situation.

Sebastian Rockstroh ist persönlich für Sie da

Here is how we proceed

It is particularly important to us that you experience noticeable improvements quickly. The more we succeed in involving your five levels in the process, the more sustainable the success. A reasonable time frame is needed for such work. That is why at Vitarium we offer sessions lasting several hours, half a day or a whole day.

The feel-good factor also plays a key role in this process and the Vitarium atmosphere makes an important contribution to that. An oasis of tranquillity awaits you in the lovingly restored Black Forest house, built in 1707 right on the edge of the forest. Here, assisted by many helping hands, we put the principle of holism into practice in every detail of the coaching and therapy process.

In summary we can say: On the five levels of body, thoughts, feelings, energy system and spirituality, also taking your social relationships into account, we will support you with suitable methods in an appropriate time frame and in a soothing environment on your journey to a better quality of life.

Bärbel und Sebastian Rockstoh. Gemeinsam mit systematischem Rundumblick

The systemic 360° view

We also consider your relationships with people in your family, at work and in your leisure time so that we can better understand you and your health issues.

In this systemic approach we look at your current life situation as well as your past experiences, often across generations. Relationship patterns can shed light on how health issues originally developed, even if they are manifesting in you at present.

Sometimes it can be useful not only to work with you individually but also to involve your significant other in the process. When we accompany couples and families, they benefit from our work as a mixed double.

Books by
Bärbel and Sebastian Rockstroh

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Der ganzheitliche Weg zur Gesundheit.

Hark, the soul is reaching out!
The holistic path to health.

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Supervision for colleagues: Quality through reflection

Are you a therapist, coach, advisor, social worker?

The effectiveness and success of your work depends to a large extent on continuously reducing your own blind spot.

Whether it is about the design of closeness and distance in the counselling relationship, your intervention strategy, your use of methods or your self-control competence: Our supervision provides a professional framework for your further development. 

Seminars at Vitarium: Advanced training with success and fun

In our seminars you will learn effective methods for therapy and self-help. We provide a healthy mix of theoretical background and practical application. You will benefit from the intensive work in small groups. The didactically high-quality training material facilitates your learning and supports you in practical application.

Learning is easy if it is fun. That is why we focus on brain-friendly teaching, variety and diversity of methods. You will be given enough time to practise so that you can immediately apply what you have learnt in your everyday life. Affectionate, appreciative togetherness, the idyll of our wireless-free seminar rooms and the tasty biodynamic food from the region will contribute to making you feel completely at ease in our seminars.

Healthy downtime: Medical wellness at Vitarium

Do you experience far too much stress in your everyday life?
Do you wish to regain full strength after a serious illness?
Do you suffer from persistent insomnia?
Do you often feel tired and listless?
Do allergies and intolerances make life difficult for you?
Is your excessive weight a burden for you?
Were you never able to fully come to terms with a heavy blow of fate?
Has it been too long since you last allowed yourself a proper break?
Do you just want to get out, let go and refocus?

If you answered yes to even just one of these questions, medical wellness at Vitarium could be exactly the thing for you.

Experience a very personal downtime with everything that goes with it: The idyllic Black Forest scenery, accommodation in a cosy holiday apartment or a comfortable hotel, healthy eating, exercise and relaxation, a personal treatment plan and therapists who calmly take all the time to caringly attend to you.

Bärbel & Sebastian Rockstroh bei einer Paar-Therapie-Sitzung