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Fleißige Biene fliegt Sonnenblume an

Titleseite Hoch, da klopft die Seele an. Das Buch von Bärbel und Sebastian Rockstroh


Der ganzheitliche Weg zur Gesundheit

(Hark, the soul is reaching out!
The holistic path to health)


What could backache have to do with childhood, panic attacks with the Second World War, and depressions with nutrition? Body, emotions, thoughts, energy flow and spirituality: This book examines, in an easily understandable way, the correlation of the five levels of the human being. You will learn how an imbalance can develop in this system and under which circumstances it results in illness. When the soul is crying and the mouth is silent, the body will speak. Horch, da klopft die Seele an! (Hark, the soul is reaching out!) describes the key role that the encounter with the symptoms plays in the healing of the afflictions. It gives you the courage to transition from being treated to providing treatment. You discover your inner doctor and receive plenty of practical tips for your personal path to holistic health.

Paperback: €14.95
Hardcover: €24.95

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Titelseite Erfolg in Sicht, Frau und karriere. Das Buch von Bärbel und Sebastian Rockstroh

Erfolg in Sicht

Selbstcoaching: Frau und Karriere

(Success in sight
Self-Coaching: Woman and Career)

Boys’ rules, traps for women and clever female strategies for individual career planning: Erfolg in Sicht tells career-minded women what they need to make their way through the glass ceiling. The guide helps women to see through the patterns of power games and develop strategies to avoid typical female career killers in the male-dominated professional environment. Practical exercises guide women to self-coaching so that they can set their own course towards success.

Paperback: €19.95
Hardcover: €29.95

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Screenshot von der App - Chillout Manager von Bärbel und Sebastian Rockstroh. Vitarium.

CHillOut-Manager. Relaxation at the push of a button.

The popular app by and with Bärbel Rockstroh and Sebastian Rockstroh.

You decide who of us will accompany you, how long your break is, and whether the break takes place on a beach, in the forest or on a mountain.

The direct way to the app: Download for Android


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